The Three Pieces of Advice

Ankalli and his wife Kori can no longer survive on what their small parcel of land can produce. Ankalli decides to go look for work in the south, where he believes there are opportunities. He crosses valleys, rivers, and mountains until he finds work with a salt processor.


The Mbyá-Guarani community of Tamanduá is reached after travelling 13 km along a red dirt road into the middle of the forest in the province of Misiones in Argentina.

Urban Chords

Urban Chords describes a day in the life of seven professionals working in the city of Buenos Aires, specializing in such different areas as medicine, odontology, biology, veterinary, teaching and music therapy, who also dedicate part of their lives to their other calling: music. The film shows them in their professional work and musical endeavors.

Where Music Dreams

Living in perfect communion with the jungle sounds, baroque music, introduced in the Bolivian Chiquitania by the Jesuits around the year 1740, is today an inseparable part of the identity of these people.

The Venom Charmer

Adolfo Rafael de Roodt was born January 13, 1960 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a medical veterinary who obtained his title in 1988 in the School for Veterinary Sciences from Buenos Aires University (UBA). He obtained a PhD in Immunology from the Pharmaceutical and Biochemical School of the UBA in 2002 and a master’s in molecular microbiology from San Martin University (2009).


Rosario Quispe, a Coya leader, created an enterprising woman’s organization called Warmi. This is located at the Argentinian – Bolivian border in the Jujuy Province of Argentina’s Puna region at an elevation of over 3500 m.